FAQ on Comdaq

1. What is Comdaq?

2. What services does Comdaq provide?

3. How does the trading floor operate?

4. What is broker assisted trading?

5. What is counter party selection?

6. Is the contract valid?

7. What does the phone icon do?

8. How do i see details of a particular order?

9. I can see orders on the system but there is no Accept or Negotiate button?

10. Does Comdaq trade in all commodities?

11. Is there a registration fee for Comdaq?

12. What is the brokerage charged for trading on Comdaq?

13. How can I register on Comdaq?

14. I get the message "You have not been approved" What should I do?

15. What is Published Info?

16. What does Publishing section do?

17. What do you mean by reverse auction and forward auction?

18. What is the next step when the deal is settled?

19. How do you handle the payment?

20. How do you handle logistics?

21. In what currency does the transaction take place?

22. After the bid is settled what if the buyer of that product does not respond?

23. How can you publish your company information?

24. After the contract is made, Is it legally valid?

25. When will I be charged after the contract is made?

26. Who will be charged, Buyer or Seller ?

27. Is Comdaq authorized to raise NCND?